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Price list (2011-2012) Self pay

MRI Scan

 1 part body/brain £250.00 
 2 parts body £350.00 
 3 parts body £450.00 
 Contrast agent  £75.00 only if required
 Orbits X-ray Free only if required

CT Scan


 Brain/sinuses £200.00
 Chest & Abdomen
 Contrast agent Freeonly if required

Full 2012 pricelist

We provide an affordable, high quality service for self-pay patients. We believe our all-inclusive prices are amongst the lowest available in the UK.

We have no hidden charges. We do not charge you extra for an official receipt or a copy of your study (on CD). We store your study and report on our secure digital archive at no additional cost. This allows us to compare it with any further studies you might have with us as a private or NHS patient and means you are not responsible for safeguarding the only existing copy of your study.

Our spine MRI scans are a full two sequence (T1 and T2), two projection (sagittal and axial) examination just as we provide our orthopaedic surgeons.

Your study is reported in the UK. We do not outsource our reporting or typing. The report is faxed to your doctor and includes the Consultant Radiologist's name, who is available to discuss the study with you or your GP.

Insured & medico-legal patients & other investigations

NEW: Aortic aneurysm screening by ultrasound only £50 Find out more

NEW:  Isotope bone scan with report- self pay price reduced to £200

We also carry out nuclear medicine scans (e.g. bone scan), ultrasound (including Doppler studies for DVT and carotid disease and musculoskeletal ultrasound), plain radiography (e.g. chest or limb x-ray), biopsies, arteriograms and therapeutic steroid injections into joints or backs (facet injections) for relief of pain.

Please click on the link to download  full price list  (Microsoft Word doc.), including insured and medico-legal prices. Alternatively complete our information request form or email us at if the investigation you want is not listed. Even if you have private medical insurance, it may be cheaper paying for the scan or x-ray yourself if there is a high excess or a low annual claim limit on your medical insurance policy. We advise you confirm your insurance cover and obtain authorisation before coming for a scan.

In order to keep down the cost of your scan we do not accept credit or debit cards. You can pay by cash or cheque to "Hereford Radiology Group" at the time of the scan or we will invoice you by post.

Last updated: 13 September 2012

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